Let the precious experience of a hundred years of struggle shine on the great renaissance journey

The Communist Party of China is a Marxist party that attaches great importance to summarizing historical experience. At every major historical moment and juncture in history, the Communist Party of China will take history as a mirror, review the road it has traveled, sum up experience and lessons, form consensus and join forces, and lead the people of the country to move forward with one heart and one mind. The “Resolution on Certain Historical Issues” passed by the Seventh Plenary Session of the Party’s Enlarged Sixth Central Committee in April 1945 and the “Resolution on Several Historical Issues of the Party” passed by the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party Central Committee in June 1981 It is a vivid practice of our party to correctly use historical materialism and party history to sort out the historical context and summarize historical experience. Both resolutions were made at a major historical juncture, and both pushed the revolutionary cause and construction cause of the Party and the people onto a high road and achieved major achievements. The “Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Major Achievements and Historical Experiences of the Party’s Centennial Struggle” adopted by the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in November 2021 profoundly summarizes ten valuable lessons accumulated by the Communist Party of China leading the people in the great struggle over the past 100 years. historical experience. These experiences are not only the extremely precious spiritual wealth of our party, but also the political code for our party’s major historical achievements. We need to continue to persevere and vigorously carry forward it, so that it can continue to contribute to the journey of our party to lead the Chinese people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Power, show its color, and give birth to its brilliance.

Uphold the party’s leadership. Thousands of mountains are majestic, and there must be a main peak. History and practice have repeatedly proved that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental political guarantee for all the major historical achievements we have made in the past 100 years. The birth of the Communist Party of China has brought a new face to the Chinese revolution, profoundly changed the direction and process of the development of the Chinese nation since modern times, and profoundly changed the future and destiny of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. The Chinese dragon began to awaken and take off, and the Chinese people embarked on the road of self-reliance, self-improvement, and building a homeland. The pattern and situation of world development has also changed due to the rise of China, and the people of the world have also benefited from China’s development and strength. Under the situation of constant challenges and frequent obstacles from all sides, in order to manage the world’s most populous country well, and to take down-to-earth and unified actions towards the common goal, we must continue to adhere to the centralized and unified leadership of the party, and resolutely safeguard the party’s The authority of the Central Committee, and the core role of the Party’s leadership in taking over the overall situation and coordinating all parties, ensures that the whole Party, the whole army, and the people of all ethnic groups in the country are united and move forward with unity.

Adhere to the supremacy of the people. Since its birth, the Communist Party of China has made seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as its original aspiration and mission. Bearing in mind the creed that the country is the people, and the people are the country, it has written a magnificent chapter in which the party leads the people of the country to overcome difficulties and obstacles, overcome risks and challenges, and win great victories. Standing at a new historical starting point, we must continue to uphold the supremacy of the people, adhere to the realization, maintenance and development of the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of the people as the starting point and end point of formulating principles and policies, and take the people’s yearning for a better life as the starting point and end point. Our goal is to make the fruits of reform and development more and better benefit the broad masses of people, let the people fully devote themselves to the construction of a modern socialist country with a full sense of gain and happiness, and make our party’s cause based on solid people’s hearts on the foundation.

Adhere to theoretical innovation. The vitality of theory lies in continuous innovation. It is the sacred duty and glorious mission of the Chinese Communists to promote the continuous development of Marxism. Over the past 100 years, the reason why our party has been able to lead the people of the whole country to become braver and braver, not afraid of challenges, to accomplish arduous tasks that other political parties cannot accomplish, and to achieve great victories that shine through history again and again lies in the fact that our party has always adhered to integrating the basic principles of Marxism with China’s specific realities and with China’s excellent traditional culture, and has constantly promoted theoretical innovation in the light of changing realities, And use the new theory to guide the new practice. We believe that as long as we have the courage to promote theoretical innovation in combination with new practice and are good at using new theories to guide new practice, Marxism will certainly be able to show a stronger and more persuasive power of truth in China.

Adhere to independence. The party has always insisted on making its own decisions and handling its own affairs, and has gradually opened up an independent path for the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. History profoundly shows that no country in the world can copy the foreign model, nor can it simply apply the development templates of other countries to develop a successful example. If we persist in independence and self-reliance, not only modestly learn from the useful experience of foreign countries, but also strengthen our national self-esteem and self-confidence, unswervingly follow our own path, do not believe in evil, and are not afraid of pressure, we will always be able to firmly grasp the initiative of development in our own hands, and the path will be wider and wider, the opportunities will be more and more, and the future will be brighter and brighter.

Stick to the Chinese road. Direction determines the road, and the road determines fate. To realize the Chinese dream, we must unswervingly follow the Chinese road and take the socialist road with Chinese characteristics that can create a better life for the people and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Looking back over the past century, we have made great strides through difficulties, rain or shine. In just a few decades, we have completed the development process that developed countries have gone through for hundreds of years, creating a development miracle that has attracted worldwide attention. This road has not come easily. It has been developed through the unremitting exploration and great practice of socialist revolution, construction and reform led by our party. It has been developed on the basis of inheriting a long civilization of more than 5000 years. It is the only way for us to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects and a powerful modern socialist country. We must adhere to it and have the courage to adhere to it.

Keep the world in mind. Since its birth, the Communist Party of China has assumed the mission of seeking progress for mankind and great harmony for the world. No matter how the international situation changes, the Communist Party of China has always adhered to expanding opening-up, not engaging in closed doors, adhering to mutual benefit and win-win results, not engaging in zero sum games, and not harming the interests of the people of other countries for its own selfish interests. It has always carried forward the spirit of internationalism, always stood on the right side of history, stood on the side of human progress, and made its own contribution to world peace and development. As long as we adhere to the path of peaceful development, firmly grasp the general development trend of China and the world, deeply think about the future and destiny of mankind, and truly shoulder the era mission of building a community with a shared future for mankind with all the progressive forces in the world, we will certainly be able to contribute the wisdom and strength of the Chinese Communists to the progress of human civilization and work together with people around the world to create a better future.

Adhere to development and innovation. Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country and a nation. It is also a source of eternal vitality and vitality for a political party. Over the past 100 years, the party has led the people to seek and forge ahead day by day, constantly leading practical innovation through theoretical innovation, summarizing practical experience to feed back theoretical innovation, realizing a positive interaction between theoretical innovation and practical innovation, constantly promoting institutional innovation, cultural innovation and other innovations in all aspects, and creating two miracles of rapid economic development and long-term social stability. A century of history has proved that only by constantly exploring and innovating, daring to overcome difficulties, daring to promote reform, being aware of changes and changes in time, and promoting practical innovation with the continuously developing theory of Sinicization of Marxism, can new victories be achieved.

Persist in daring to fight. The hundred year struggle history of the Communist Party of China is a great struggle history. Over the past 100 years, our party has been born, grown, expanded and matured in the struggle, and has tempered its great spirit of fearing no sacrifice and fighting bravely. As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, struggle is not only a spirit and will, but also a method and art. We should not only maintain a high spirit of struggle, but also improve our fighting skills, master the art of struggle, strengthen top-level design, scientifically arrange troops, firmly grasp the initiative in the new great struggle, seize the opportunity, continue to grow, and then win new and greater victories, so as to promote the “China” giant ship to cut waves and make steady progress.

Stick to the United Front. The United Front is a broad political alliance led by the Communist Party of China and an important magic weapon for the party to lead the people to victory in the cause of revolution, construction and reform. The party always adheres to great unity and unity, unites all forces that can be united, mobilizes all positive factors that can be mobilized, and condenses the strength of common struggle to the greatest extent. On the journey of the new era, we must forge a strong sense of the community of the Chinese nation, continue to consolidate and develop the broadest united front, continue to strengthen the great unity of the Chinese people, promote the development of the United Front work to a new and higher level, and unite our great efforts to build socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Adhere to self revolution. Being brave in self revolution is a remarkable symbol that distinguishes the Communist Party of China from other political parties, a bright background for maintaining the party’s progressiveness and purity, and a powerful weapon for the party to maintain its vitality. Looking back on the party’s hundred years of struggle, we can see that the party’s greatness lies not in not making mistakes, but in never being afraid of making mistakes, actively carrying out criticism and self-criticism, daring to face problems directly and daring to make self revolution. As long as we get rid of various factors that affect the party’s progressiveness and weaken the party’s purity in a timely manner, constantly improve the party’s theoretical level, practical skills and party spirit cultivation, always maintain the sense of hardship, and always adhere to the revolutionary quality and political nature of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement, we will be able to ensure that the party will always become a strong core of leadership on the journey to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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