Hospital Profile

Hospital Introduction

Established in 2015,Beijing Unicare Eye ENT Hospital is a designated hospital for medical insurance in Beijing (medical insurance code 05150298) and a specialized hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. The hospital carries out treatment business with otolaryngology, ophthalmology, stomatology, comprehensive internal medicine and comprehensive surgery as the core, and has an outpatient department, inpatient department and specialized treatment center. It has a medical team composed of discipline leaders and experts from Beijing’s tertiary hospitals, and is equipped with advanced Siemens SOMATOM Defintion fiash dual source CT, Siemens lnpiration mammography machine, Philips EPIQ5 color ultrasound diagnostic instrument, Leica operating microscope and other large medical equipment, as well as Olympus laryngoscope system, Schwind Amaris 500E excimer laser keratomileusis machine, NSP corneal endothelial microscope and other specialized equipment.
The hospital adheres to the principle of precise, exquisite and high-quality medical treatment, and provides patients with quality treatment services with the characteristics of “experts, specialties and special diseases” to create an all-round warm service and enjoyable medical experience, and provides specialist and multidisciplinary joint treatment programs to meet patients’ multi-level treatment needs. Translated with (free version)