Kyoto Children’s Dental Comfort Center


Recently, the largest children’s oral comfort treatment center in the northern region of Beijing – Beijing Kyoto Children’s Hospital Oral Comfort Treatment Center officially started to receive patients, advanced equipment, intimate services, beautiful environment, private treatment space, child-friendly room design can provide unprecedented high-end comfort treatment services for children with oral treatment needs.

Liu Fang, director of the Department of Stomatology of Beijing Children’s Hospital in Beijing, introduced that the initial purpose of establishing the Oral Comfort Treatment Center is to relieve the pressure of medical treatment and shorten the waiting time of children with stomatology, and the most important purpose is to meet the demand of painless and comfortable treatment for children. After nearly one year of design and construction, the treatment area of the Dental Comfort Treatment Center was expanded to nearly 1000 square meters on the basis of the original one, with 10 new dental chairs, 5 VIP consultation rooms with different themes, 3 VVIP consultation rooms, 2 general anesthesia treatment rooms, 1 Kawa E80, 4 Kawa E50 German imported oral comprehensive treatment tables and advanced equipment such as general anesthesia dental chairs and laughing gas machines. The renovation and upgrade of the stomatology department, advanced equipment, can provide more children with oral treatment needs of accurate and professional comfort treatment services.

According to the results of the fourth national oral health epidemiological survey, the caries rate of 5-year-old children’s milk teeth in China is 70.1%, and the caries rate of 12-year-old children’s permanent pressure is 34.5%. In particular, the prevalence of dental caries among 5-year-old children is at a higher level in the world. Although, parents’ awareness of children’s oral health is increasing, but due to the limitations of traditional children’s oral treatment methods, as well as children’s fear of dental visits and uncooperative, not only make parents nervous and worried, but also affect the progress and results of oral disease treatment.

The oral comfort treatment uses psychological guidance, behavioral guidance, distraction, laughing gas inhalation, STA local administration, medium depth sedation and even general anesthesia and other methods and techniques to allow patients to complete oral treatment in a painless and comfortable state, ensuring safety while pursuing more comfort and humanization. With the cooperation of the child and the orderly and efficient operation techniques of the oral surgeon, the whole treatment process is comfortable and safe without any pain.

In order to fully protect the safety of children, the entire oral comfort treatment process, in addition to the professional doctors and nurses of the Department of Dentistry, there are also professional doctors and nurses of the Department of Anesthesiology accompanying the whole process. Before the implementation of sedation and analgesia, the experts will assess the whole body health condition of the child and then propose a reasonable comfort treatment plan, so as to ensure both the effect of sedation and analgesia and the safety of the child.

At present, under the leadership of Director Liu Fang, Beijing Children’s Hospital can carry out comfortable consultation and treatment of all children’s oral diseases, including children’s orthodontics, endodontics, dental trauma diseases, dental development abnormalities, early occlusion problems, maxillofacial surgery, mucosal diseases, oral preventive care, etc. (Reporter Zhao Xi)